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Dedicated to being a partner in improving the health and wellness of our community through collaborations and financial support.


North Canton Medical Foundation’s mission of “improving the health and wellness of our community through collaborations and financial support” is not only a statement of our mission, but represents our values and dedication to our community. NCMF awards grants to organizations that focus on programs or services that will have a positive impact on the health and wellness of our community.

North Canton Medical Foundation gratefully accepts donations to support our mission. Together, we can build a healthier community for all.

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Helpful COVID-19 Resources from:

Health Policy Institute of Ohio

Washington Post – Why Outbreaks like Coronavirus Spread Exponentially, and How to “Flatten the Curve”


Importance of Flu Shots: Vaccines are an effective way to keep the nasty flu at bay, and they reduce the chances of severe illness. Covid or Flu? Learn more in the link below. Learn More.


Celebrating 5 Years of Supporting Our Communities in Health

NCMF Grant Recipient Quotes

Tuscarawas Clinic for the Working Uninsured
“Through the generosity of NCMF, we have been able to assist over 34 patients in receiving urgent dental
care. Our organization and our patients are grateful for NCMF’s support.”
~ Pat Warther, Executive Director

Community Action Wayne/Medina (CAMW)
“Through a medical transportation program made possible by NCMF grant funding, we can now shed a ray of
light into people’s lives. Thank you for helping us help people.”
~ Leslie Baus, Mobility Coordinator

Hartville Migrant Ministry
“We can now order testing for many of the migrants who could never afford such things as CT scans, MRIs
and Thallium Stress tests. This NCMF funding has greatly impacted their future quality of life.”
~ Deb Arner, Director

Walsh University
“NCMF’s funding has enabled us to develop programs and resources to support the education of nurses at all
stages of their careers. We are so grateful.”
~ Dr. Judy Kreye, Interim Dean of the Byers School of Nursing

Margaret B. Shipley Child Health Clinic
“With the NCMF’s grant funding, we can now provide health care to over 5,500 both well and sick children in
our community each year.”
~Laurie Inskeep, Executive Director

North Canton YMCA LIVESTRONG ® and Delay the Disease Programs – Patient Impact Stories
“The Y could not have provided a more excellent team dedicated to those of us striving to survive. Thanks to
all of you!”
“If it hadn’t been for Delay the Disease, we would be much worse off. We find we are stronger physically,
mentally and socially because of this group.”

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